Membership Benefits

Membership to REGULATORS is for teenagers ages 12-18 who want to build their mental, spiritual and emotional strength to live in this world. REGULATORS is a safe and positive community to improve your relationships, receive mental health support, and engage with like minded peers. Your membership will include the following

  • Unlimited Access to the Prayer Room
  • Weekly Social and Coping skills videos
  • Monthly Live Coaching Calls
  • Access to the peer chatroom
  • A supportive environment to manage challenges
  • Share struggles and wins with community
  • Gain accountability and supportĀ 
  • Improve communication skills
  • A place to discuss troubling current events

The Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is used to provide encouragement and time with God. Each video includes calming music and a narrated prayer to help you start your day. You will receive a scripture reference, daily devotion and a prayer. You are encouraged to use one prayer a day to meditate and pray about how you can use these prayers for your life.

Weekly Social and Coping Skills

Each week you will have access to a video that has a coping skill, social skill or an activity that you can practice and apply to your life. Take your time and do not rush the process. Use the week to learn your skill and write down any questions you have in your Regulators Journal.

Group Coaching Call

Your monthly coaching call is a group call where you can ask questions that you have about the weekly assignments. It is also a place were you can volunteer to be coached about a topic of choice.

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